Nathalie Deschênes

Discipline, willpower, work, and vision are inherent aspects of this wholehearted and committed woman’s life.

From one skate to another, Nathalie Deschênes transitions from being a figure skater to an internationally recognized professional choreographer. She then chooses to pursue a career in the real estate world, a passion that has always driven her. Thanks to the skills developed to reach the highest levels in the sports industry, she now dedicates herself to once again achieving the pinnacle of excellence as a real estate broker. Being immersed in excellence in the realm of figure skating has allowed Nathalie Deschênes to establish herself as a renowned professional choreographer. This experience of excellence, combined with her empathy towards clients, their stories, and their desires, makes her the perfect accomplice to accompany, protect, and guide them in their projects.

As a mother of four children, Nathalie balances her personal and professional roles with grace. Both gentle and fierce, she is a true example of courage, determination, and perseverance.

A passionate soul, Nathalie wholeheartedly oversees each stage of a real estate transaction. Her professional experience in the sports field, along with her personal experience as a mother, makes her the ultimate candidate to offer an exceptional human experience to every buyer or seller of a property.

Nathalie Deschenes

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